Happy Halloween: Spooky Links

It’s no surprise that Halloween is my favorite celebration of the year. Besides being able to dress up as whoever I want to be, I especially love seeing all the creative costumes and decorations. I want to share with you some of my favorites Halloween treats as well as some awesome ideas I came across recently. I know Halloween parties were in full swing this past weekend so I may have dropped the ball on this one, but if you are throwing parties on the actual night of Halloween (or even for office Halloween parties,) check out these links!

Ladies’ Fingers
Yummy and creepy “finger” cookies that will definitely be the talk of your party.

DIY Mason Jar Mummy Luminaries
Easy way to decorate your porch

Mummy Halloweenies
So cute and very tasty!

DIY Burlap Pumpkin
Add a rustic touch to your Fall decor.

DIY framed pumpkin
Print out a creepy black and white Victorian portrait and hang it in the frame, it’ll make a very macabre piece of decoration.

Red Velvet Skull Cake
This skull cake pan is so cool!

Pumpkin Pretzels

266 Halloween Food Ideas

Gilded Harvest Pumpkin Place Cards
Unique and inexpensive idea to use mini pumpkins.

Last Minute Halloween Window Decor
I’ll be decorating our front window like this.

64 Pumpkin Carving and Decoration Ideas
Photo Oct 28, 7 21 17 PM


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