[Just Pictures] Snapshots from Eat Real Festival

We finally made it out to the Annual Eat Real Festival this year! This festival usually takes place in September for one weekend only, and almost a hundred local food vendors (restaurants AND food trucks) gather at Jack London Square in Oakland, California, to sell delicious homemade food and drinks using local ingredients. And almost everything is under $5. Various workshops were also offered throughout the weekend, such as sausage-making and make your own sourdough. We opted for food from vendors we haven’t tried before (and don’t have crazy long lines) and sampled our way across the square. What a fun afternoon!

Left to right –

1st row:
1. Gerard’s Paella. Always awesome to see paella being cooked in giant pans
2. Senor Sisig. A Fillipino fusion food truck.
3. Really yummy “Sisig lumpia” with pork, cheese, and onion.
4. Little Green Cyclo. A vientnamese food truck. Didn’t get to try the Bahn Mi sandwiches this time…

2nd row:
1. Beignets from Little Green Cyclo
2. A beef empanada from El Sur, an Argentinian food vendor.
3. Sweet potato tater tots from Little Green Cyclo.
4. El Sur’s 1970 Citroen H-Van.

3rd row:
1. Chop Bar, a restaurant in Oakland.
2. 3 different sauces to go with the whole roast pig being offered from Chop Bar.
3. Juicy roast pork from Chop Bar. Delicious crispy skin too! Served with sweet cornbread.
4. Finally got to try the buns from the Chairman! The line is usually 45+ minutes long…we went early and only waited for 15 minutes. Did not disappoint!

4th row:
1. Love the logo of the Chairman.
2. Pork belly bun from the Chairman. The soft steamed bun is actually from the Taiwanese cuisine. Usually served with Stewed fatty pork, pickled vegetable, peanut powder, and cilantro.
3. Cola braised pork bun from the Chairman. That slaw was so tasty!
4. Folks at Nana Mae Organics working hard to crank out cheese sandwiches and bacon caramel apples.

5th row:
1. Menu from Sift Cupcakes.
2. Didn’t realize that they won Cupcake Wars. It was so hot though, we got their giant ice cream sandwiches instead. Tried the red velvet and the ginger snap with lemon sorbet.
3. Cooling and tasty pops from Lick Pops. Strawberry lemonade, and Thai basil + pluot.
4. chilling and cooling off with a beer that’s served in a keepsake mason jar.

Looking forward to next year’s event! Maybe will even try some of the DIY classes.


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