Just Pictures: Ramen Night

Our friends Brent and Lena invited us over on Saturday night for some delicious tonkotsu ramen. (You may remember them from this post – Roli Roti’s Porchetta Sandwich.) Nothing beats a bowl of piping hot ramen on a cold wintery night, especially if the broth was simmered for 22 hours. We chatted and laughed the night away while slurping noodles and sipping on varieties of beer. Here are some pictures-

On the left, the big pot of broth simmering away. This was taken from almost 22 hours of cooking. You can find the recipe for the broth here from Serious Eats. On the right is a picture of the straining process. Straining out all the bones, leeks, mushrooms, and meats.

20130128-104738.jpg   20130128-104756.jpg

Some small bites to go with the ramen – Chicken wings marinated with sake, and cold tofu with sweet soy sauce paste and bonito fish flakes.

20130128-104809.jpg 20130128-104836.jpg

A quick saute of choy sum to go with the ramen. And the magnificent roasted pork belly, recipe from David Chang/Momofuku here. Oh those crispy skin!!!

20130128-104853.jpg 20130128-104907.jpg

A few of the beer we drank. I am not a big beer drinker but I loved every single one of them, now I gotta go track down where to buy these.


Ramen assembled and we were ready to dig in, not before taking a couple pictures though! In the bowl, we had choy sum, crispy pork belly and roast pork, bamboo shoots, roasted corn kernels, a soft boiled egg, fried garlic, and lots of scallions.


I made daifuku mochi for the first time, since they went with the theme. These turned out well, though slightly deformed. I will be posting the recipe tomorrow.


Another delicious desserts we had, a chocolate fragipane pear tart with buckwheat hazelnut crust. Yum yum yum, I want more!

20130128-104952.jpg 20130128-104957.jpg

Happy Monday!


5 thoughts on “Just Pictures: Ramen Night

  1. Yummm!!! Emily, the ramen and pear tart look amazing! Good thing I didn’t see this until after I ate lunch today haha

  2. Hi Emily! These pictures make me want some more of EVERYTHING that we had. Adding your blog to my google reader! -Bosun

  3. Everything looks so drool-worthy! I bet your ramen was better than some ramen spots out there – time to open up shop!

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