Eggs ‘N Things – O’ahu Part 5

Not willing to eat starbucks pastries or hotel breakfasts, I looked up breakfast joints nearby our hotel and came across Eggs ‘N Things. Again, walking distance from our hotel and I was instantly sold when I saw macadamia nut pancakes on the menu.

All the online reviews say expect a wait, their own website says to come between 6-7am to avoid any kind of wait, after that it gets busy. Holy macadamia. Well since I usually wake up early anyway and was still accustomed to California time, 6am really was 9am for me. We got there around 6:30am, the place was already filled with customers. Eggs ‘N Things has a store front downstairs that sell coffee, ENT merchandise, and a few items on the meny for to go orders. They do not take reservations so upon arrival, check in downstairs. The clerk will phone the restaurant and let you know the availability. Once Oked with the restaurant upstairs, you head up a flight of stairs located on the outside of the building. The restaurant is so cute and inviting! It’s an open restaurant and doesn’t have any windows, the tables are all inside and there is a long row of counter style seating overlooking the street on the covered balcony. We sat facing the street and saw lots of pretty birds fly by. Our waitress was the most adorable lady, she was so friendly and went out of her ways to make us comfortable. With macadamia nut pancakes in one hand, fresh POG (passion-orange-guava) in another, it was a very relaxing and enjoyable morning.

Fluffy and crunchy macadamia nut pancakes. Drizzle these with their homemade pineapple and coconut syrup. it was SO. GOOD. !!!! There are 5 per order and they are quite thick, you can order this plus a side dish of potatoes to share with another person. ($8.95)

The special omelet of the day, it had bell pepper, tomatoes, mushrooms, cheddar, and portuguese sausage in it. The potatoes were crunchy and the little tub of salsa was delicious! Overall this was just a very comforting breakfast plate, nothing extraordinary but it’s a solid A. A lot of online reviews said ENT’s omelets are greasy or drenched in butter, but I have to say, this has got to be the healthiest and least oily omelet I’ve ever eaten in breakfast joints. YUM!

Moving on. The amazing Acai Bowl! Fresh acai berries are hard to transport so most of the acai products on the island are frozen in puree form. In this acai bowl, there were some ridiculously sweet fruits – pineapple, banana, blueberries, and strawberries. The acai puree is very tart so it is pureed with banana and is on the bottom half of the bowl. It is topped with crunchy and toasty granolas, shredded coconut, and honey. This was such a refreshing and healthy bowl of breakfast, very filling too. I’m not sure why but we were told customers can only order the acai bowl after 7am, but they made it for us anyway (because quite a few other customers wanted to order too). This would be the perfect side dish to order along with the mac nut pancakes if you want to share with another person.

Okay, another shot of the mac nut pancakes. I still dream about this and those delicious homemade syrup.

Eggs ‘N Things

343 Saratoga Rd
Honolulu, HI 96815


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