Alan Wong’s – O’ahu Part 3

I called 2 months in advance for our reservation at the famous Alan Wong’s Restaurant. I’ve been hearing so much about Chef Wong’s acclaimed Hawaiian fusion restaurant, I knew I had to put it on the itinerary as soon as we decided to come to Hawaii.

I ordered the “Tasting of the Classics” and it doesn’t require everyone at the table to order the same. $85 per person, $125 with wine pairing.

The warm complimentary bread with the spicy aioli was simply addicting. The guys ate quite a bit of bread before their meal. On the table there were soy sauce and chef Wong’s signature chili water.

I started the meal with a clean and refreshing cucumber martini. (gin, crushed cucumber, lime juice)

First Course:”Soup and Sandwich”
Chilled vine ripened Hamakua Springs tomato soup
Grilled mozzarella cheese, foie gras, kalua pig sandwich.

What a great way to start the meal. Rich, buttery, and crispy foie and pork sandwich pairs perfectly with the cold and sweet tomato soup. And I love parmesan crisp!

Second Course: “Chopped Ahi Sashimi and Avocado Salsa Stack”
Stacked on crispy won ton, spicy aioli and wasabi soy

Great textural contrast. And the chef has great control over the spiciness of the sauces. Everything had just the right amount of kick.

Third Course: Ginger Crusted Onaga, Long-Tail Red Snapper
Miso sesame vinaigrette, organic. Hamakua mushrooms and Kahuku corn

that corn shoot on top was really fun to eat! The ginger crust was sweet, complimented the perfectly-cooked fish well.

Fourth Course: Seafood Lasagne

This was like a creamy seafood (lobster, crab, scallop) gratin, wrapped together with a sheet of lasagna noodle then baked. Ideal comfort food!

Fifth Course: Cooked Shortrib, Soy Braised and Grilled Kalbi Style
Gingered shrimp, Ko Choo Jang sauce

I could eat this EVERYDAY. The meat was pulled-apart tender and so flavorful. The Korean style hot sauce had a slight hint of fruitiness. With the ginger mixture on top, this was sweet, savory, spicy, tangy all in one dish, served with a bowl of white rice.

Sixth Course: “Mini Coconut”
Haupia sorbet in a chocolate shell, tropical fruits and lilikoi sauce

Such a beautiful presentation. dark chocolate shell with toasted coconut. And that haupia sorbet inside was divine. The sweetness of the fruits went very well with the tart lilikoi sauce. This is not a dessert I would order normally because I don’t really like any coconut-y desserts in the states due to their overly-sweetness, but with all the fresh coconuts in Hawaii, all the coconut products are so delicious without being overwhelmed by extra added on sugar. I was so full before dessert was served but I couldn’t put my spoon down after I took a bite!

An appetizer that my Mom got – Crab “Tofu” Agedashi
Tofu-like Spanner Crab Mousse, Kona Lobster Medallions and Lump Crab Meat, Kudzu Dashi

Such clean broth with so much flavor and richness. And that crab mousse was melt-in-your-mouth good.

Besides the exquisite taste and presentation, the service was friendly and great. It lived up to all my expectations. It IS an expensive restaurant but it isn’t the type that makes you feel really uncomfortable because all the waiters are staring at your every move, waiting for you to drop a spoon or a napkin so they can pick it up for you. The ambiance is very warm and inviting, and the dress code is business casual, as long as you don’t show up with flip-flops and a beater tank.

It is located on the 3rd floor of an office building, valet parking is $3.

Alan Wong’s Restaurant
1857 S King St
Honolulu, HI 96826


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