Almond Galette [recipe]

I saved this “Almond Galette” recipe out of a recent issue of King Arthur Flour’s catalogue and made a mental note to make this. Frozen puff pastry and cans of almond paste are something I almost always have on hand, so this is especially great for “last minute” entertaining. But trust me, this is fantastic for any occasions and people will think you slaved over it.

Almond paste with buttery flaky puff pastry is the perfect match, almost like eating an almond croissant (but who has time to make croissant from scratch? This is equally good, if not, better!). It’s rich yet not too sweet so for me it’s perfect as dessert but also perfect for those leisurely weekend breakfast and brunch.

And hey, a side note from the KAF website – In France, galette is typically served on January 6: Epiphany, the Feast of the Kings. Hey now, that’s my birthday, definitely don’t mind to feast like a king! A quick exerpt from wikipedia: In France people eat gâteau des Rois in Provence (made of brioche) or the galette des Rois (puff pastry with almond cream) in the northern half of France and Belgium. This is a kind of king cake, with a trinket (usually a porcelain figurine) or a bean hidden inside. The person who gets the piece of cake with the trinket becomes “king” for a day

A quick note: the store bought pastry dough I used came in square-shaped pieces. Simply invert a 8″ or 9″ round cake pan and trace the outline on the dough and cut. Don’t cut on your precious Silpat if you are using any!

Hmmm, do I hear a la mode??

I used the leftover dough to make a smaller pastry. Baked this in the toaster oven and had equally delicious results.


7 thoughts on “Almond Galette [recipe]

  1. looks delish! i tried making croissants and you’re right, who has time?? it didn’t turn out too well….i will have to try this. i love almond croissants!!

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