Weekend in Sausalito (Part 4) – Avatars Restaurant

After doing some research on Yelp for a casual dining spot in Sausalito, I came across Avatars Restaurant and was very intrigued. It has over 400 reviews and a 4.5 star rating, most reviewers raved about the great service and the amazing and unique flavors of the food. I gotta give Yelp some major credits for pointing me to this eclectic restaurant. It is located in a somewhat empty plaza and we drove by it probably a dozen of times while we were in Sausalito and never even noticed it. It seats around 25 people and was packed on a rainy night, good thing we made reservation.

Avatars serves Indian-Mexican fusion cuisine along with several other ethnic fusion dishes on their menu. Weird combination right? But once you taste the food, it will make so much more sense. Everything was so light and packed with mouth-watering flavors. The chef can also make any dish tailored to the customers’ needs such as gluten-free, vegan, and dairy-free. I also noticed that it was the first time ever that everyone at the table licked the plates clean, nothing left on the plate, nothing left to take home. Everything was so satisfying, (and did I mention light?) we were all full with happy tummies but without the guilt from eating a heavy meal.

Ashok, the host, is the most passionate host you’ll ever meet. He’s very friendly and so proud of the food they serve. And he’s right, I would gladly eat their food every single day. Most of the items we ordered were on the specials menu, and the pictures don’t do them justice. Overall, amazing food that are pretty indescribable with words, you just have to try it to experience it.

From top left, clock-wise:

1. Complimentary bread with sides of pickled carrots and apple. These were like naan bread but the texture was completely different, I couldn’t describe it but I liked it. We were also given some fried and seasoned tortillas except they were not made with ordinary flour or corn masa.

2. Vegetable Samosas with tamarind sauce and that amazing mango puree.

3. the “lick the plate” special. Prawns, Mussels, Filet Mignon over basmati rice, with spices and passionfruit sauce.

4. Venison special, with Jamaican jerk sauce. Very tender. Also the one dish that tasted the most like the Indian flavors I’m used to.

5. Vegetable with tofu basmati plate. The basmati rice had saffron and raisins in it. Quoting the menu – “purveyors of ethnic confusion”, I felt like I was eating Indian, Mexican, Japanese, and Spanish food all at once, yet something about it was so comforting. My mom (the super selective gourmand) cleaned this plate!

6. Crab-Pumpkin enchiladas. I am a major crustacean lover so this choice a no brainer for me. Pairing crab meat with pumpkin was new for me, but they worked well together, especially with the sauce they put on top. I have no idea what it was but give me a bowl of rice topped with that sauce and I’ll be a happy camper.

7. “Avatar’s Dream”. The only dessert they serve and they don’t tell you what it is on the menu. It essentially is a slice of cake made out of almond ice cream, pistachios and a chocolate graham cracker crust, sitting in a pool of mango puree/sauce. It really was a fantastic dessert.

Give them a try next time you are in the vicinity. You will enjoy a fantastic meal with unique flavors with genuine service.

Avatars Restaurant
2656 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA 94965  | (415)-332-8083


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