Weekend in Sausalito (Part 1) – Fish Restaurant

Two weekends ago was our family vacation. This year due to our new addition- my adorable 16-months niece, also another one in my sister’s belly, we aimed for a closer location. Joe and I picked Sausalito since it’s only a little bit over an hour away, and everyone else seemed pretty excited about it. Just to up the experience by a notch, we booked a houseboat to stay on. It’s actually not a boat, but a floating home that’s been anchored down at a dock in a community filled with lots of other houseboats. It was such a neat experience, especially to be able to look out and see all the surrounding water.

I come from a family with people who are passionate about food, so of course we ate very well throughout our 3-day stay. I also cooked breakfast and dinner at the houseboat, but since I was cooking in a new environment and things were pretty chaotic, so I only documented breakfast and that will be part deux.

350 Harbor Drive, Sasusalito, CA 94965 (415)-331-FISH
They don’t take reservation. You simply order at counter and find your own table.

Fish is a casual restaurant that serves sustainable seafood that are extremely fresh, tasty and cook to perfection. They know where their seafood comes from, even know the fishermen’s names and the fishing vessels. We were there for the famous crab roll. For $25 a piece, it may seem a bit pricey, but it was 100% all crab meat. Seasoned with some herbs and a slight drizzle of lemon juice, served on a toasted buttered torpedo roll. Each bite is loaded with Dungeness crab that has the right amount of citrus and buttery goodness.

We also ordered the halibut fish and chips. So meaty and flaky, and those steak fries were crispy and fried to perfection. With a little malt vinegar..Mmmmm..very addicting!

The classic Po’boy with the options of oysters or catfish. We wanted to get one each but oysters it was. Delicious, delicious sandwich with sliced ham and a very tasty remoulade sauce. We were surprised to see ham inside the sandwich as we’ve only seen the combination of oysters (or catfish) and lettuce. After some googling, I found out that besides fried seafood, classic Po’boy from New Orleans (which means poor boy) often comes with ham and trimmings of roast beef. The chili-lime coleslaw that came with the sandwich was one of the best coleslaw I’ve ever eaten. There was no mayonnaise in the slaw, which made it very light, but very flavorful at the same time. A perfect dish to cut through all the fried food.

The white chowder was also a winner. It’s not thick like the normal white chowder, I’m guessing probably no roux was added. I really liked the non-gluey texture, but my husband preferred the thick chowder because it goes better with a sourdough bread bowl.

We washed the food down with some Mission Blonde Ale and a classic black and tan. Loved the mason jars.

Fish also has several special catch of the day, which you can get it grilled, served with a salad or pasta.

Highly recommend this restaurant! They do have limited outdoor seating, perfect for a sunny day with a (rare) clear view of the San Francisco cityscape. Expect a line during lunch rush, but trust me, the food is worth the wait!


2 thoughts on “Weekend in Sausalito (Part 1) – Fish Restaurant

  1. Ooh, I think Tyler Florence featured this on Tyler’s Ultimate. Or maybe on “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” (can’t remember which exact episode). When I saw it, I made a mental note of it because it looked so delicious!! Glad you and your fam enjoyed it! Now I realllly want to go even more!

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