Bonjour, Guten Tag, Buon Giorno…

Hello my friends, I have finally returned…from a whirlwind 17 day trips around Europe!!! We visited…(let me say this in one breath)…London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Volendam (Netherlands), Rhineland (Germany), Karlsruhe (Germany), Lucerne (Switzerland), Liechtenstein, Innsbruck (Austria), Venice, Rome, Florence, Montecatini Terme(Tuscany, Italy), Pisa, Nice, Monte Carlo, Paris, Versailles, and back to London. It was a tour done through Globus, very fast-paced and perfect for someone like me who is a first-timer to Europe and want to see as much as possible. Joe and I were both very pleased with Globus as almost everything exceeded our expectations: Our amazing and very punctual Austrian tour guide Herbert, who sounds like the Governator but with endless great anecdotes and the most soothing voice that allowed us to catch up on our beauty sleep during the endless hours of bus rides… Our awesome Italian driver Mariano who safely guided us through the crazy traffic. I also didn’t get carsick once, even through the windy roads in Italy…  The great modern hotels and most of the included meals were above average (Oh, the horrible stories we’ve heard beforehand from our friends about the included meals.)… And the fact that we didn’t have to lug our huge suit cases around and never had to worry about their whereabouts were a BIG PLUS! (You would’ve laughed if you saw the size of my suitcase…) Aside all that, we saw A LOT, and most of the times we were able to see the sights right before it gets unbearably crowded. Most importantly, the food…the glorious food. In the beginning, I was being selective about what I ate, but at the end, I realized there wasn’t much time left so a panini here, a pastry there, 2 scoops of gelato here, and why not a chunk of brie? I was consuming 5 meals a day…Diet later! So my dear friends, please check back soon for many entries on all the deliciousness I’ve encountered on this action-packed journey. I promise I won’t take too long to update, just as soon as I finish doing the piles and piles of laundry and sort through the 3000 pictures my husband and I took 🙂



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