I’m back…(again)!

Cin Cin : An Italian toast, meaning “Cheers, here’s to good luck and wealth for one hundred years!”

I know I’ve started many blogs in the past, most of the personal ones. But I never seem to keep up with the editing and the postings because my life is not interesting enough to have new things to write about everyday.

But why am I starting yet another blog? you may ask..

About two years ago, I started posting pictures of food that I made. I am simply a home cook who learned everything about cooking from my talented Momma. Watching endless hours of cooking shows and subscribing to gourmet magazines and food blogs certainly did help too. In other words, my mind is ALWAYS on food – What to cook, where to eat, when to host dinner parties…etc. Each time I improve with both flavor and presentation. And that’s when I thought maybe I should document them. Posting on Picasa is more lazy on my part, because I thought I could get out of writing about the dishes, but I still end up emailing the recipes and the modifications I did to my friends and family.

Anyway, my new year’s resolution is to not be lazy. So here I am, starting fresh with my first food blog, to show you a glimpse of what I create, and also any delicious goodies I may come across on the days that I decide to eat out. Cin Cin!



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